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"Deciding what products are best for your practice is not easy. In my practice, I didn't want to guess when I made clinical decisions. Patients deserve more than that. That's why I created REALITY 29 years ago. Now, I am more confident treating my patients. Let REALITY give you the unbiased information you need to select products that fit your practice." Michael B. Miller, D.D.S.
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Star RatingsStar Ratings Each product in The Ratings is scored from 0-5, with 5 being the top score. Products with an average numerical score of 4.5 or above achieve the ultimate: 5 Stars. Only approximately 10% of the products have reached this pinnacle. Products scoring 3.5-4.4 achieve the 4 Star level.            
Optional MediaOptional Media Information supplied by manufacturers in PDF, PowerPoint, and video formats.            
Product DetailsProduct DetailsTells and shows you why you should or should not consider using the product in your practice. Research results and evaluators' comments are thoroughly explored and analyzed.            
RAVES & RANTSRAVES & RANTS A quick glance section showing you two reasons to consider buying the product and two reasons why you should pass on it.            
StrengthsStrengths Summarizes the best attributes of the product.            
WeaknessesWeaknesses Summarizes the Information most manufacturers don.t want you to know.            
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Comparison ChartsComparison Charts Quick glance comparing the top 5 products in most categories in The Ratings.            
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REALITY RESPONDSREALITY RESPONDS Q&A Forum Questions can be posted in this online forum at any time and you will receive an answer usually within 48 business hours. Answers are based on evidence, not just opinion. Also gives you access to all questions and answers as queried by your colleagues. You can even dive in and give your take on the subject.            
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Products Currently Under Evaluation
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Recently posted (Updated 5/21/16)

Macro-Lock Oval New version of Illusion X-RO fiber post with an oval cross-sectional in the coronal third from RTD
RelyX Fiber Post 3D New version of fiber post with increased micro and macromechanical retention from 3M
MTAFlow MTA material with improved handling from Ultradent
Maxcem Elite Chroma Self-adhesive, dual-cured, automix, resin cement with color change mechanism to aid with cleanup from Kerr
Gemini Dual wavelength diode laser with 20 watts of peak power from Ultradent
Bulk EZ Dual-cured, automix, flowable composite for bulk filling posterior preps from Danville Materials
Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System Diamond-impregnated polishers for composite from 3M
Couture Diamond-impregnated polishers for composite from Centrix
Panavia V5 5th generation dual-cured resin cement system from Kuraray
Ribbond Ultra Latest and thinnest version of Ribbond from Ribbond
Riva Self Cure HV Heavy viscosity, sculptable, non-sticky glass ionomer restorative material from SDI
Jiffy Universal Adjusting & Polishing Kits Kits with instruments designed to adjust and polish all types of ceramics from Ultradent
Firefly LED headlight with battery-headlight pod, eliminating any cords or wires from DenMat
Piksters Focus Toothbrushes with small, round heads and unusual angles to access hard-to-reach areas from Erskine
Clearfil Universal Bond Universal bonding agent with dual-cured and self-cured options from Kuraray
SmartLite Focus  Cordless, LED curing light from Dentsply Caulk
MyClip Sectional matrix retaining ring with built-in forceps and replaceable tines from Polydentia
Macro-Wedges Goliath-sized wedges for large interdental spaces from Polydentia
Hemo-Wedges Maple-wood, anatomical wedges infused with hemostatic agent from Polydentia
Clearfil SE Bond 2 2nd generation of self-etch bonding agent with dual-cured and self-cured options from Kuraray
Endo-Eze Find Mini apex finder from Ultradent
NoMIX Provisional cement that can be used by patients if a provisional dislodges from Centrix
LED DayLite Wireless LED headlight with battery attached to headlight, eliminating any cords or wires from Designs for Vision
Margin Elevation Matrix Matrix designed to isolate proximal gingival margins when seating inlays and onlays from GDS
Teethmate Desensitizer Biomimetic, office-applied desensitizer from Kuraray
Ilumi Fiber posts from Ilumi Sciences
Paradigm DeepCure Budget-friendly, LED curing light from 3M ESPE
Clearfil Majesty ES Flow 2nd generation, light-cured flowable composite from Kuraray
Elipar DeepCure-S Flagship, LED curing light from 3M ESPE
Rite-Lite 2 High CRI 3rd generation, tri-spectra shade matching light with a higher CRI from AdDent
Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Bulk-fill nanofilled composite for posterior teeth from 3M ESPE
Riva Star Desensitizer + anti-cariogenic cavity conditioner from SDI
Mega V V-style sectional matrix ring from Danville Materials
X-Ribbon Gauze-like ribbon for cleaning open spaces, implants, and bridges from Erskine
X-Floss Floss threader attached to elastic yarn for cleaning open spaces, implants, bridges, and ortho brackets from Erskine
SuperDaps Disposable, multi-well dappen dishes from Erskine
Preeben Disposable brushes that are prebent from Erskine
SuperEndo alpha II  Cordless, automated heater for endo obturation materials from B&L Biotech
Foamies Disposable flexible eyeshields from Erskine
ZNano Universal composite from Danville Materials
Zoom QuickPro Office-applied whitening varnish from Philips
Ultra-Bond Clear Light-cured-only resin cement from DenMat
Eclipse Mini LED headlight with unique IR sensor for activating/deactivating the beam hands-free from GSC
Fusion 4.0 Updated LED curing light with transillumination and cancer detecting modules from DentLight
Sof-Lex Spiral Wheels Composite polishing instruments with unique design from 3M ESPE
Perfectemp 10 Self-cured, automix, bis-acryl provisional material from DenMat
SplashMax VPS impression material from DenMat
Identium VPS-polyether impression material from Kettenbach
UltraSeal XT hydro  Hydrophilic, fluorescent pit and fissure sealant from Ultradent
Fibercone  Translucent accessory fiber posts from RTD
Opalescence go 2nd generation OTC home bleaching system from Ultradent
Enamelast 2nd generation fluoride varnish with two delivery options from Ultradent
Prime & Bond Elect Universal bonding agent from Dentsply Caulk
Aquasil Ultra Cordless Air-assisted VPS impression system from Dentsply Caulk
EyeSpecial C-II  Clinical camera with unique design and menu-driven functions from Shofu
F-Splint-Aid & Slim  Resin-impregnated glass fiber strips in a unique dispensing bottle from Polydentia
Access FLO Single dose, Low viscosity, putty-like retraction/hemostatic paste from Centrix
Super-Snap X-Treme 3D finishing discs from Shofu
M.A.S.S. HVE tip that does not grab soft tissue from Ghost