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1. Register as a Basic Member. After you login, you will be able to view all the categories and the lists of products in The Ratings, which is the main product database, and FirstLook, which includes the newest products. You will also be able to see the numerical and star rating for each product, as well as its ranking in its specific category. For browsing, merely click on the large links for The Ratings or FirstLook.

The various product categories in each section are listed alphabetically on the left side of the page. You will also notice that the number of products in each category is listed in parentheses to the right of the category name. Any of the categories can be opened by merely clicking on it. In The Ratings, the products are ranked in their respective categories by their numerical rating. Products are not ranked or rated in FirstLook.

2. To view the details of each product evaluation or preview, we invite you to become a Premium Member. You can purchase a Premium Membership or purchase a 24 hour trial membership in the WebStore.

As a Premium Member, you are also encouraged to take advantage of the rating and comment boxes reserved for you. This feature is very popular on many sites and allows members to interface with other members.

The Ratings 

Raves & Rants Beginning of each product commentary. This gives you a capsule view of the product.

Pricing is typically broken down to the cost per unit so similar products can be compared and you can compare the relative costs of kits vs. refills.

Body of each evaluation includes all test results and comments on the item's packaging and directions.

Strengths, Weaknesses, and BOTTOM LINE End of the evaluation where the product is summarized. 


Previews do not include rankings or ratings, but the commentary for these products should help you decide whether these products warrant your consideration.

There is also an alphabet and single-digit numbers horizontally positioned above the category lists in both The Ratings and FirstLook. Click on any letter or number and all the products that begin with that letter or number will be listed.

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