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Prime & Bond Elect Universal bonding agent from Dentsply Caulk
Aquasil Ultra Cordless Air-assisted VPS impression system from Dentsply Caulk
EyeSpecial C-II  Clinical camera with unique design and menu-driven functions from Shofu
F-Splint-Aid & Slim  Resin-impregnated glass fiber strips in a unique dispensing bottle from Polydentia
Fibercone  Translucent accessory fiber posts from RTD
Access FLO Single dose, Low viscosity, putty-like retraction/hemostatic paste from Centrix
Super-Snap X-Treme 3D finishing discs from Shofu
M.A.S.S. HVE tip that does not grab soft tissue from Ghost
SmartLite Focus  Cordless, LED curing light from Dentsply Caulk
Imprint 4 Bite  Scannable VPS bite registration material from 3M ESPE
Imprint 4 Preliminary  Scannable VPS alginate substitute impression material from 3M ESPE
iLumi Fiber Posts  Translucent fiber posts from iLumi Sciences
FluoroDose  Unidose fluoride varnish from Centrix
Pentamix Lite  4th generation, impression material mixer/dispenser from 3M ESPE
Natural+  Power bleaching system with a unique LED activation light from Meodental
SuperEndo alpha II  Cordless, automated heater for endo obturation materials from B&L Biotech
GripStrip  Expanded grits for unique finishing strip from Centrix
G-CEM LinkAce  2nd generation, automix, dual-cured, self-adhesive resin cement from GC
PermaCem 2.0  Automix, dual-cured, self-adhesive resin cement from DMG
Activa  Automix, dual-cured, bioactive "smart" restorative material from Pulpdent
PermaCem Dual  Automix, dual-cured, compomer cement from DMG
PrismPro Loupes  Magnification prism loupes in 5.5x, 6.5x, and 8.0x from General Scientific
LumiSmile White Take-Home  Home bleach in three strengths from DenMat
V4 ClearMetal Matrix  Sectional matrix system with light-transmitting bands, rings, and wedges from Triodent
Enamelast 2nd generation fluoride varnish with two delivery options from Ultradent
SuperDaps Disposable, multi-well dappen dishes from Erskine
Identium VPS-polyether impression material from Kettenbach
IPR Strip System Short diamond strips attached to plastic holders and used for ortho stripping from ContacEZ
Incremental Thickness Gauge Stainless steel thickness gauges used during ortho stripping from ContacEZ
Imprint 4 4th generation VPS impression material from 3M ESPE
Nexus RMGI Dual-cured, automix, paste-paste resin ionomer luting cement from Kerr
Demi Ultra LED cordless curing light powered by an ultracapacitor instead of a battery from Kerr
eCement Kit containing all components to cement e.max from Bisco
Spectra Doppler radar-like caries detection unit from Air Techniques
SOL Laser Diode laser from DenMat

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