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Activa (bioactive restorative material, base-liner, and luting cement from Pulpdent)

Adhere (zinc oxide-based provisional cement from Cosmedent)

BulkEZ (dual-cured, automix, bulk fill composite from Danville Materials)

C-Saw (interprox reduction system from DAnville Materials)

Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Matrices (sectional matrix system with redesigned rings in 3 sizes from GDS)

Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Wedges (wedges with a resilient, rubberized coating from GDS)

Connect (resin-based provisional cement from Cosmedent)

FlexiSaw (interproximal saws from Cosmedent)

Harmonize (universal composite from Kerr)

G-aenial Sculpt (universal compactable composite from GC)

Gloss (resin glaze from Cosmedent)

iBond Universal (universal bonding agent from Heraeus)

Impressiv (VPS impression material from Cosmedent)

Ketac Universal (glass ionomer restorative material from 3M ESPE)

Maxcem Elite Chroma (self-adhesive resin cement that changes color from Kerr)

MaxRay (handheld, portable x-ray unit from Vector)

Mega V (V-style sectional matrix retainer from Danville Materials)

Midwest Stylus Plus (3rd generation highspeed handpiece from Dentsply)

MirrorImage (bis-acryl provisional material from Cosmedent)

Mosaic (universal composite from Ultradent)

N'Durance Dimer Core (dual-cured core material from Septodont)

NoMIX (provisional cement from Centrix)

Orbiter (self-positioning curing light filter from Ergocepty)

QUATTROcare PLUS (updated handpiece lubrication device from KaVo)

RelyX Fiber Post 3D (2nd generation fiber posts with increased retention from 3M ESPE)

Riva Protect LV (low viscosity, glass ionomer sealant from SDI)

Riva SC HV (heavy viscosity, glass ionomer restorative from SDI)

Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System (flexible diamond-impregnated polishers for composite from 3M ESPE)

SonicFill 2 (2nd generation sonically-activated, low-stress posterior restorative composite from Kerr)

Tenure4G (optimized 4th generation bonding agent from DenMat)

TheraCem (self-adhesive cement from Bisco)

Tuff-Temp Plus (2nd generation provisional material system from Pulpdent)

Ultimate F&P Kit (composite finishing and polishing kit from GC)

Universal Primer (dual-cured activator primer from Bisco)

Uveneer (clear plastic templates for direct veneers from Ultradent)

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